New 4.5-inch Baby Monitor Camera

New Baby Monitor Camera 4.5-inch LCD HD720P Wireless Night Vision with Two-way Talk Back


The 2.4GHz baby monitor covers a wide range of transmission (260meters)
that allows you to keep an eye on your baby.

It also could set the alarm for the feeding time.
You could keep your eyes on your baby not only at day time but also at night with the night vision function


High Quality Display & 2.4GHz transmission : 4.5-inch high definition LCD color display enables you to observe your baby more clearly. This baby monitor works via 2.4GHz wireless technology.
Two-way Talkback System :This baby monitor allows you to communicate with your baby through the parent unit. That you could comfort your baby in time
Infrared Night Vision :It will enter into the night vision mode automatically when it is dark around.
Lullabies system :You could play the lullabies to comfort your baby when they are restless. 
Cry sound and temperature change alarm