What should be paying attention to when buying a Dash camera?

22 Jul 2019

Car Black camera's 4S shop installed the Dash Camera a few thousand RMB, you might face the troublesome do not know how to install and wire the devices, sometimes, would rather spend more money to the 4S shop to let them assist in installing, Anhong team share yourself how to easy to wiring your devices with a vehicle.  

What should be paying attention to when buying a Dash camera?
Pay attention to the length of the power cord, and  buy a 10 class speed memory card.Before you buy a driving recorder, please think about where to wire the power. If you want to connect it in the rear, the power cord should be at least 4 meters, and the front row is about 3 meters.
Some drive recorders require a specific TF card for the memory card. You should also ask before you place an order. Otherwise, you won't be able to usage.           

1.To install in a reasonable position, do not block the line of sight

2.Driving recorder should be installed in the middle of the rear view mirror.

3.Take a few turns on the rearview mirror to avoid your dashcams falling off

4.Plug the extra power cord into the car's gap in the ceiling

5.Open the interior panel and wiring in the ceiling

6.Tie the thread into the gap of the glove box

7.Plug the other end of the power cord into the cigarette lighter

8. Do not hit the line on the rails of the seat.

9.Do not to expose the line

The differ car structures are different, and there may be differences in the wiring. We try to find gaps and hide this line to fix it. This is a principle.
Don't let the line be exposed in such places as door panels, frames, and pedals.

Check it after completion

After the wiring is completed, adjust the driving recorder to ensure that the front of the car is at the top 1/3 of the screen, and you can see the front of the front and the left and right sides.