what is the baby monitor

25 Jul 2019

It is well known that the international consumer electronics exhibition (CES) has an influence on the industry. Every year, thousands of merchants and customers soucing of goods gather here. Anhong Video is well prepared in this exhibition. I am very happy to share with you the new products we launched during the show.

The annual CES exhibition was held in Las Vegas for 4 days. Anhong Video presented the latest product information during the exhibition. In addition to pushing the traditional series of driving recorder products. A variety of streaming media rear-view mirror driving recorders, Android system car network driving recorder, at the same time, we also display the latest self-developed 2.4G wireless transmission baby monitor products, hunting cameras, and market-selling video doorbell series products.

Aspect 1: The show of the latest car networking and streaming media driving recorders
US  Internet celebrity specially came to the Anhong booth to help promote the 10-inch and 7-inch large-screen reversing Mirror rearview DVR with the back lens the streaming media driving recorder and Android system car networking products, he very recognized our large-screen rearview mirror driving recorder in the US potential market power. During the exhibition, we showed streaming media as a introduction to the trend of future popularity from different directions: 2.5D ultra-thin bezel IPS full-screen touch, simple operation, stronger sense of technology, excellent visual effects, 170-degree wide-angle design, support for reversing Image design and other functions.

Aspect 2: New 4.3-inch baby monitor
At present, the baby monitor design concept on the market is too industrialized, the appearance is not well-made, the battery is not durable, the signal is unstable, the howling noise is too large, and the screen size is too small. In response to these pain points, our self-designed and improved baby monitors are designed to be sleek and simple, with reduced hand-held monitoring terminal operation interface buttons; increase the built-in battery to 1500mah, and the endurance capacity reaches 7.5 hours when the screen is always on; optimize night vision function. The adaptive night vision function triggers the improvement of the sensitivity; the signal is improved through the wall, and after the actual measurement, it reaches 300 meters in the open environment without signal interference, and the upper and lower buildings of the same building have strong wall penetration ability, which can reach 50-100 meters; Software optimization, two-way call bug repair, VOX sound sensitivity adjustment; the whole machine appearance seamless design, design, wiring interface is simple and stylish, in line with the baby market aesthetics.

Aspect 3: The latest classic private mode video doorbell
Compared with the public model visual doorbell that is on the market, the homogenization is too serious because the premium space is not high. At the shows, we showed a self-designed mini smart wireless video doorbell, and has applied for a patent filing. This product is expected to be put into production in June. In addition to being installed outside the gate, our doorbells can be retrofitted indoors for easy indoor home video calls.

Our participation in this CES exhibition is to share the cutting-edge development concepts and technology applications of Anhong's video and camera products into different audiences. Focus on manufacturing-oriented service providers, the source manufacturers of R&D, production and customized services, serving overseas cross-border e-commerce customers, channel wholesalers, and brands, and promoting our products based on the most influential international consumer electronics exhibitions. The necessity, our aim is to serve each customer and share our latest products and development results.

The baby monitor is a wireless home security system. The whole device consists of two parts with a care device camera and a monitor. It can monitor the baby's safety at any time through the receiver.

Operating Principle
It is equipped with a camera, placed in the baby's room, used to the monitoring of the baby, and has a built-in microphone, you can hear every sound from the baby at any time, and send a clear FM signal through the antenna on the care device. The other end of the display can receive these signals, the baby's parents can see the baby's every move through the receiver's display.
Usually, the monitor built-in infrared sensor can be equipped with a night vision function, so that the baby's activities can be seen even in a completely dark room..


The monitor can be used to receive and process the audio and video signals transmitted by the camera and can view the baby's condition at any time. It is equivalent to a portable handheld liquid crystal display, and the user can hold the display for mobile monitoring. Some existing vision on the market expands the display section are also equipped with an A/V output interface that can be used to transfer received image and sound signals from the display screen to the television screen. This principle just connects the A/V output to the A/V input of a TV, you can get a large screen display, the TV can be connected to the recorder, you can record audio and video for later viewing.


The application of baby monitors greatly enhances the freedom and flexibility of parents' lives. Parents can handle other affairs in other rooms and even in outdoor courtyards through the baby monitor. At the same time, they are well aware of the child's situation, and they don't have to worry about it anymore, making the baby monitor a good helper for parents.


It can apply for baby guardianship, elderly care, and security protection in small places such as supermarkets, offices, companies, schools, homes, hospitals, etc.