How to choose a car driving recorder?

07 Nov 2019

Guide: How to choose a car driving recorder?

The driving recorder is an instrument that records information such as images and sounds while the vehicle is in motion. After installing the driving recorder, it can record the video images and sounds of the whole process of the car, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents.

How to choose the driving recorder - what is the driving recorder

While driving, while recording, while recording the time, speed, and location in the video, it is quite a "black box." It can also be used as a DV shooting life at home or as a home monitor. Usually you can also do parking monitoring, install driving recorder, video data can not be cut, if cutting, after the liability accident can not help. It is also to prevent the inevitable touch of porcelain in the current society.

How to choose a car driving recorder - how to choose

The first step: determine a psychological price

How to choose from hundreds of recorder products in the market? There are many functions, a wide variety, and the price is very different. At this time, you need to calm down, determine a price range that you can accept, how much you want to buy, and then narrow down the selection to exclude some products that do not meet the requirements.

The second step: Pick the one that suits your model and find the style you like.

The correct installation position of the recorder is in the middle of the inner mirror and the windshield. Of course, small movements in the left and right areas are also possible, but the angle should not be too biased, otherwise the video will not be referenced, so if you choose one, you can't install it. The recorder in the right position can be worth the loss.

The third step: basic functions to be satisfied (most important)


  1. Clarity

Regardless of the attractive features in product promotion, the first thing to consider is the performance of clarity. In the event of a traffic accident, the license plate number of the vehicle must be clearly photographed, so you should see the camera when you purchase it. Pixel and video resolution.
  1. Night performance is very important

In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to look for some video products with intentional products on the Internet before purchase. Many product advertisements or video websites have user-uploaded videos to see if the results are satisfactory.
  1. Wide angle is not necessarily bigger, the better

In order to reduce blind spots, many recorder cameras use a wide-angle design. Usually the wide angle will be around 120 degrees. Of course, the wide angle of some products will exceed 150 degrees, or even close to 200 degrees. It should be noted here that the wide angle is not as large as possible, and it can be purchased according to your own needs. Although the wide angle can reduce the blind zone, the larger the wide angle, the more severe the deformation of the picture, and the distortion and deviation of the distance and angle in the picture. Therefore, the large wide angle has a certain influence on the video effect, and the selection needs to be carefully considered.
  1. Preferred products with loop recording mode

When choosing a driving recorder, we must pay attention to the way they store video. At present, most recorders use the method of loop recording, that is, after the memory card is full, the latest video will be used to top off the previous video, and the cycle will be repeated.