How the Dash Camera recorder works

25 Jul 2019

The working principle of the driving recorder, many people will ask Xiaobian, and today Xiaobian is here to summarize a little:
When it comes to the principle of driving recorders, it is actually not complicated. The driving recorder itself is equipped with a camera lens, and then while the car is running, the driving recorder records the captured image through the lens to the inside of the host, and then stores it in the storage medium (generally TF memory card or built-in storage) space). If we need to browse the recorded video, we only need to use the computer to read the saved video information or directly use the driving recorder's screen to view the recorded video.
Then someone may ask, the function of the driving recorder and the camera is not exactly the same, then we will not finish the camera directly in the car. Although the principle is the same, the driving recorder itself has some unique advantages.
1. Power supply: The source of power supply for the driving recorder itself comes from the cigarette lighter power supply of the vehicle, which is fundamentally different from the 220V power supply required for ordinary camera equipment.
2. Cyclic recording: The storage space of the driving recorder is limited, but it can recycle the storage space by overwriting the oldest recording after the storage space is saturated, so that the video information in your recorder is always up-to-date. of. Whether or not to support circular recording is also the most essential difference between a driving recorder and a general camera.
3. Stability: The driving recorder has a dedicated bracket that can be fixed in the car around the clock. And the driving recorder itself is also optimized for the interior of the car, and has a better guarantee of stability.
4. Special functions: The driving recorder designed many functions such as motion detection, delay shutdown, gravity sensing, etc. for the special behaviors made during the car trip... These are not available in ordinary camera equipment.

Market prospects for driving recorders

   The driving recorder is an automobile driving recording device that can be used for recording, storing, displaying, and outputting information about the traveling state of the vehicle. In 2001, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Communications, and the State Administration of Work Safety jointly issued a notice clarifying that long-distance passenger vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles and tourist passenger vehicles should gradually adopt driving recorders to ensure safe transportation.

Received national attention

Managers at all levels need different information from the driving recorder. Therefore, after the hardware technology has reached a certain level, the background management software of the driving recorder has become an important competitive point for the manufacturers. In October 2003, the Traffic Safety Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security issued the national standard for vehicle driving recorders.

Market research

1: According to the most common method of estimating total market demand, the total number of tachographs installed nationwide should now be tens of thousands. According to the requirements of the country and localities, it takes about 3 years to basically complete the installation of existing vehicles. On average, about 1.9 million two commercial vehicles need to install a driving recorder every year. The total annual demand for state-owned automobile driving recorders is about 3.8 billion yuan. It should be pointed out that the above calculation is only a potential market possibility, and the real market demand is supported by the purchasing power of customers (consumers).

2: As far as the technical level of domestic driving recorders is concerned, some domestic manufacturers of driving recorders are not mature enough, and they have not gone through the process of collecting scientific research results to commodities. In addition, the variety of vehicles in China is complicated, and various manufacturers need to actually test them. We are constantly improving our products.

3: Different cars use roughly the same driving recorder, but we can see the potential trend; the driving recorder products will continue to be refined, only products that meet the needs and management characteristics of the industry. To win the market.

4: The Baidu index of driving recorder keywords averages 5,000 times a day, which means that 5,000 people in the country are searching for the term “driving recorder”, which is enough to see that the demand for the driving recorder market is very huge.
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