Baby monitor: the "third eye" of the parents

15 Nov 2019

Baby monitor: the "third eye" of the parents

The baby monitor is a "high-tech product" that many young mothers are eagerly awaiting. With it, mothers can quietly leave for a while to do their own things while the child is sleeping.And at the same time mothers can check the child's movements and conditions when abnormal conditions immediately.

Optional elements

1. Type: There are several types of baby monitors currently on the market, mainly by function. The easiest function is not to provide images, only sound monitoring, this class can alert the parents when the child is crying etc. The second type is to shoot in real time through the baby, and deliver the image to the display of the parent; The third type can also send the monitoring screen to the guardian's mobile phone APP to realize remote monitoring of the out-of-office hours such as going to work.
2. Price: from about USD 10 to USD200 of products, it is most important to find out their needs when purchasing.
3. Function: Many children's monitoring equipment has intelligent day and night mode switching, and can also automatically turn on infrared night vision function at night to monitor baby's information around the clock. Motion detection is also necessary, especially if the child turns over, movesetc., parents can be informed the first time.

Use learning

If you have a baby or a small home area, you can consider purchasing a baby monitor with a crying reminder and a feeding alarm function. The lower price can meet the general functional requirements. If it is a baby who has already turned over, crawled or even walked, the monitor with the picture is better, so that the parents can understand the baby's movements in the first time and eliminate the unsafe factors in time.
If you don't buy a special baby monitor, but use a camera with remote monitoring, make sure that someone at home is listening to your baby's needs at any time. When you purchase, you can also learn more about the network stability, traffic consumption and other basic conditions of the product, and avoid buying "high energy-consuming" machines.