Six reasons that’s why you need a smart baby monitor

25 Dec 2019

Six reasons that’s why you need a smart baby monitor

From two way talked to sleep tracking, find out how a smart baby monitor could benefit your baby

From two way talkback to Remote monitor stay close,learn how wi-fi-enabled smart baby monitors can benefit your baby

No need to bother with a separate parent unit, like with traditional baby monitors. But that’s not the only convenience of smart monitors. Read on to discover more about the advantages they offer.

1. Two way talkback
Some smart baby monitors can be paired with a smart speaker:

2. Monitor your child on more than one device

3. 8 lullabies to provide relaxing environment for your baby

4. Widely angle monitoring

5. Bright black&white night vision


6. Remote monitor stay close
Keeps connected to your loved ones. Monitoring your babies live view even when you are 200M away.

Could my smart baby monitor get hacked?

There have been reports of smart baby monitors being hacked, resulting in the hacker having access to video footage and even being able to speak through the monitor. We put all the smart baby monitors we test through a rigorous privacy and security test.